Pet Grooming Gloves


  • Up to 1000 hair less in minutes: with our grooming glove, you can stroke your four-legged friend and remove loose fur at the same time. Thanks to the rubber studs, the hair sticks immediately to the pet glove and does not fly around in the air. 
  • Pampering massage: stroking + brushes at the same time. The care glove promotes blood circulation and creates a soothing massage effect for your fluffy pet. Fur gloves are ideal for anxious dogs and cats, as the flexible surface optimally adapts to skin curves.
  • Finally less hair: steady grooming is especially important for pets with regular fur changes to protect against allergies and keep the coat healthy. With our cat brush glove, you have the optimal equipment and also reduce the tuffles of hair lying around in your home.
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we work every day to make the care of your pets as easy and effective as possible for our customers. We create this by designing our products to allow professional application for everyone and at any time. The comfort for our four-legged friends is always very important to us.


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